Infant Formula to Trust

To help parents provide that great start, Carrickmore Nutrition® produces a world-class infant formula made from New Zealand milk; the best milk in the world, and by the best food producers in the world!



New Zealand AsureQuality LogoCarrickmore® Infant Formula is safe, pure and contaminant-free. Meticulous and strict quality control measures throughout the entire manufacturing process enable us to guarantee its safety and integrity. The New Zealand Government testing organisation AsureQuality (AQ) independently tests our ingredients and product. Read More

New Zealand

New Zealand is a small country, about the size of Great Britain or Japan, that enjoys an open Western-style democracy, a strong independent media and freedom from official corruption. One of the things that sets New Zealand apart is that its population is just four million people.
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carrickmore logoThe Claridge family has been in the business of good food since 1985. Dr Claridge founded Carrickmore® Nutrition to share New Zealand’s best infant dairy products with caring parents everywhere. The name Carrickmore® comes from the name of the family farm in the Maniototo, Central Otago, a particularly scenic region of New Zealand’s South Island. Read More